Breastfest is a party.....a gathering of generous friends and family who are passionate about living life...a great time...an opportunity to help those dealing with cancer,,,but most importantly it is a fundraiser for the Bliss Cancer Center in Ames, Iowa.

100% of the profits from the Event will go to the Bliss Cancer Center
http://www.mgmc.org/medical-services/cancer-care/ via the Jessica Miller Clem Endowment (JMCE) at the Mary Greeley Medical Center Foundation in Ames, IA.  Everyone is welcome!  Stop by for a drink, an hour, or make a night of it!

The purpose of the JMCE is to provide funding for increased care services for Cancer Patients at the Bliss Cancer Center.   This is done through many ways and includes:
  • Programing for the Cancer Resource Center
  • Information and Services for newly diagnosed patients
  • Care Items like Wigs, scarves, hats, etc
  • Improved patient treatment/diagnosis
  • Other services to benefit Cancer Patients and their well being as they deal with the numberous challenges of the Cancer disease.